Valuable during the whole commercial lifecycle

Inboundlead generation

  • Segment audience for account-based marketing campaigns

  • Optimize remarketing and paid ads by giving 1st party data to ad platforms


  • Differentiate your personalization from competition at scale

  • Automate tiering and prioritization of target account lists


  • Speed up your discovery and qualification phase

  • Identify changes in decision making process


  • Monitor company reports to predict timing and relevancy of upsell

  • Identify unique trigger events that change buying intent

Cross-sell monitoring

  • Identify new relevant buying groups inside the organization

  • Monitor M&A and investments to discover new related subjects within the group

Churn prevention

  • Identify new or leaving champions relevant to your product

  • Monitor customer care events that help you to strengthen the relationship

Product Overview

Features you like and features you miss together in one platform

Web scrapers, AI agents, CRM and MarTech integrations, you name it but it really doesn't end here


Discover account list structure that differentiates your targeting and personalization from competition.


Build unique account characteristics you won't find anywhere else without any spreadsheet hustle.


Get updates about companies and their people to identify true buying intents and other sales-related trigger events.


Get rid of trust issues in your account lists. Verify and clean account lists without juggling with filters in spreadsheets.

How it works

Generate account lists in less than 1 hour



Design the ideal account list structure with our AI copilot that recommends you the characteristics and settings.



Connect AlgOps with your CRM, sales engagement or data warehouse – if needed, our partners help you.



Accounts are automatically researched each month. If needed, new qualified accounts are added to your CRM.

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